Paradise Pictures Memorial Portraits make your loved one’s memorial as unique as they were. They provide a modern and tasteful way to maintain a sense of contact while immortalizing your dearly departed today and for posterity.

When bereaved, it’s natural to want to maintain the ­communication that so abruptly ended. There is a basic need to pay tribute to a loved one in a unique, ­customized and positive way to better celebrate and immortalize their life and memory.

A picture is a rare and unique way to decorate and customize an urn, columbarium niche or monument. It adds meaning and emotional value that would not ­otherwise be there.

Paradise Pictures ceramic pictures are handcrafted in the USA. They use a traditional hand printing method instead of digital, which produces the best color match and image quality ceramics in the industry, assuring their beauty is preserved for generations to come.

The full range of products includes rectangular, oval, ­heart-shaped and a variety of other custom shapes and sizes of ceramic pictures up to 20 x 25 inches. 

All Paradise memorial portraits have a 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed against breakage, vandalism and deterioration for the life of the memorial.

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