Gingrich Memorials only offers the highest quality monuments that are crafted completely in-house at our headquarters in Middletown, PA. Unlike other monument suppliers, we are not dependent on the granite supplier to produce the finished memorial. By doing the work ourselves, from design to proper installation, we control how the finished memorial will look to ensure that the monument reflects your desires.


We use a double sandblasting process on every memorial we manufacture. The first step in the double process method is to blast the polished area in the background panel. Then we blast the lettering and carve out the design. This creates far superior sharp edges on lettering and designs with more depth and detail, which will endure for a longer period of time. Many other monument manufactures use a “single process,” which saves time and cuts corners and costs. Below are examples of the two processes.



We have a staff of granite artisans with over 75 years of experience, giving us complete control of the crafting process. Doing all the work ourselves gives us complete control on how the finished memorial will look, like with our hand-carved deep cut roses.

deeper cut rose.jpg


At Gingrich Memorials we have our own full-time graphic artist who can assist with the design process of the memorial. Personal photographs, emblems, patches, awards, vehicles, buildings, pets, poems, epitaphs etc. - The possibilities are almost limitless as to what can be etched onto black granite. Images that can be scanned at a high resolution are created with our state-of-the-art laser etching machine. What can't be etched by the machine is hand etched by our gifted graphic artist. This process can take from several hours to several weeks based on the complexity of the design. An example of the hand etching process is illustrated below.

etching process.jpg

WE DO OUR OWN FOUNDATIONS and installations

To ensure that your memorial is installed properly, we do all the foundations (if the cemetery allows) prior to installation. Once the foundation is in, our staff installs all of our memorials.